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Top 10 Beach Ceremony Do’s and Don’ts

A beach wedding can be a beautiful and romantic choice, but there are some practical considerations which are important not to overlook when planning your perfect ocean-front wedding.

DO Plan ahead for which beach you would like to have your wedding on. Some beaches charge a fee for weddings and events. DO Choose your ceremony time based on when you would like to do your group photos. Try to time it for about an hour and a half before sunset. This will give you the optimal lighting for your ceremony and for your photos afterwards. DON’T Forget to choose your ceremony time based on sunset, for that time of year. I have seen beach weddings have to continue in the dark because the bride and groom sent out their invitations in the spring for their autumn wedding, forgetting about the time change. DO Ensure Privacy. If the beach is public, be sure that you follow their rules before spending gads of money on chairs and canopies. Try to pick a weekend that is less crowded, for instance the weekend after a big holiday. DO Make sure you have a back up plan should the weather turns foul. DO Prepare your guests. Make sure they know that the ceremony is on sand. You wouldn’t want your grand mom missing the ceremony because she can’t walk to the location. (You can actually rent mini roll out boardwalks) Provide something for your guests to clean their feet off. Just make sure there is a well-posted sign telling the guests how to do whatever you’ve set out for them. Dry wide paintbrushes are excellent for removing sand. Top them off with a bit of ribbon. You can have welcome bags for your guests that have some necessities like the paintbrushes, a small hand towel, sunscreen, insect repellant wipes and a paper fan. Then your guests can put their shoes in the bag to keep them from getting sandy. DON’T litter. Sounds obvious, but the city could charge you fees to clean up. Have a plan for a friend or someone to stay behind and make sure that everything is cleaned up. DO pick earth friendly throwables for leaving the ceremony like biodegradable paper confetti that dissolves when wet or classic bubbles. Rice can be harmful to wildlife. DON’T wear a veil. If you do want a headpiece, go with a pretty headband or acrylic netting. If there’s the slightest breeze, your veil will ruin the moment. DO anchor your décor. Choose chairs that are sturdy enough to withstand the beachy breezes.

Being an Ocean City based wedding photography company, we have see it all and could probably write a book on planning your own beach wedding. At the end of the day, do what is best and memorable for you.

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