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Buying Bridal Lingerie

Every bride has an idea that she wants to have the best wedding lingerie on her wedding night but there are many things to consider when choosing your lingerie.

Be Comfortable. It is absolutely essential that you are comfortable in you lingerie all day. You’re going to be on your feet all day, hugging people, sitting (possibly perching) in your chair at the reception. If you’re not used to wearing boned corsets or thongs, your wedding day is not the day to experiment. You can always have a sexier outfit to change into in your honeymoon suite after the wedding. Also, most couples will admit that they were too tired to do anything let alone change into a sexy outfit after the wedding. You may prefer to save your special lingerie for the night following your wedding, as you may exhaust yourself during the wedding day.

Try on the lingerie you buy with your wedding dress before the big day. I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s really upsetting when you’re standing there in your wedding dress when your maid of honor lets you know that you can see through the dress and see your undergarments. (On a side note: do not wear the cute underwear that says “bride” in blue letters across your derriere. You most definitely will see it through the dress.)

Give yourself time to find your lingerie. Don’t try to buy this the week before your wedding. You may find the perfect thing, but then they have to order your size. You may find that you want to get the undergarments altered, which takes time.

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